The difference between THEM and US…

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful…

The early spread of Islam is a topic that has always been intriguing to me. The anti-Islamic media often make the claim that Islam was “spread by the sward”, by lets stop and think about that for a second. You’re telling me that in a 23 year span, Muslims grew from 1 man (Muhammad PBUH) to a force so huge that it was able to force everybody to convert to this way of life, or their life would be ended? Originally, it was only the poor that embraced Islam. It is highly illogical that this group of poor Arabs were able to through force force the much more powerful powers.

By the end of the first 4 leaders (caliphs) of Islam, Islam had expended into Egypt, Persia, Iraq, the Roman empire, and other nations. Muslims had defeated MUCH MORE ‘POWERFUL’ nations and superpowers by then.

Unless the Muslims go back to what the sahaba (companions), the situation of our ummah will not change.

It was spread by the very simplicity of the religion — There is no 1-in-3 or 3-in-1. We believe in ONE God worthy of worship. There is none but He, worthy of your worship. He sent messengers from day 1, and that messengership had to end somewhere, and God ended it with the greatest human ever to be created, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Islam was spread by good manners of it’s followers. It was spread by the practice of complete justice. It was spread by the help of Allah!

When the sahaba read the Quran, they did not do so for entertainments sake as we often do today, rather they read it with the intent to apply everything they read it with the intent to apply its teachings into their own lives. They gave everything they had for the sake of Islam. They prioritize their brother over themselves. They treated their servants better than we treat our own children.

Islam spread because Islam was actually followed by the original generations. We as people and our leaders have gotten so far away from the true Islam. Greed and desire for this material world has entered into our hearts. The reward of $1 million is bigger to us than the reward of jannah. We fear society’s reaction if we DO follow the command of our Lord, rather than fearing God’s reaction if we DON’T. We have our priorities all mixed up!

“These are people whop ray at night and fast during the day… And if the son of their leader would steal, they would cut his hand… And if any one of them, high or low, would commit a crime, they would be punished”

One of my favorite quotes about the early generations of Muslims is:

They were fighters during the day, and monks during the night!

May Allah return the state of the Muslim ummah to it’s original glory. May He give us the strength to follow the true Islam that the original generations followed, rather than the washed down version we follow!


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