How many CDs does DJ Shaytan have stored on your hard drive?

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful…


DJ Shaytan, AKA: DJ Iblis is the greatest DJ in the world! He’s been in the business before the existence of mankind!

The million dollar question is: HOW MANY CDs DOES HE HAVE ON YOUR HARD DRIVE?

Subhan’Allah. This speaker explains the ‘danger’ of music in another way, that many of us have never thought of. He speaks facts, may Allah open our hearts to accept them as that.

Often times, the youth is told MUSIC IS HARAM and their parents attempt to “explain” this by reciting Qurnic verses or stating various hadith… The problem is, often, that if we don’t understand WHY, we don’t want to do…

The lecturer puts the WHY out there, may it reach the hearts of our youth.

Islam is about SUBMITTING TO THE WILL OF GOD… Which means not even asking for the “WHY?”, but that’s a long journey to get to that ‘stage’… May Allah ease our task.

I didn’t load this post up with Quran ayat and Hadith regarding this topic because many of us have heard them before and because the speaker mentions a number of them.

Shaytan beautifies things for us in such ways that we feel like we wouldn’t be able to live without those things, but the fact of the matter is Allah WILL REPLACEMENT THAT THING YOU GAVE UP WITH SOMETHING WHICH IS EVEN BETTER FOR YOU and you will find even greater satisfaction from.

May Allah guide us and our loved ones to the straight path and protect us from the cursed Shaytan!


One thought on “How many CDs does DJ Shaytan have stored on your hard drive?

  1. Selam,
    SubhanAllah this really got me thinking what condition my own heart is in, and how many “CD’s” Shaytan has stored. I pray Allah gives us the strength to turn away from all things that have a negative effect on our hearts! Excellent post/ video! Jazak Allah hajr!

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